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  1. Hello all right here is Marcio fan of the grand theft auto franchise including SADE MP so I suggest you to partner with Rockstar games to port the GTA san Andreas remaster online for consoles like I suggest it be a standalone online mode and free like having cooperative missions + race mode + battle pass + Mata Mata + skins and much more I suggest partnering with Rockstar games later this year because in players we want GTA san Andreas online on consoles and PC
  2. hello I have ideas for the development of multiplayer for GTA SA remaster 1. add minigames like races, arm wrestling, kill kills, and many other minigames 2. add co-op missions like robbery missions and other types of missions 3. add battle pass like I suggest the battle pass is free like add free rewards to redeem 4. make bug fixes in multiplayer and much more. I hope the developers approve my idea