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  1. My name is Bryton, (aka - Karbz). I am 25 years old, and a self-made computer/technology and car enthusiast. I enjoy my time at work, where I can make the funds to purchase upgrades for my computer/technology/vehicle needs. I am currently studying for my qualification in Cyber-security hoping I may be able to put it to use in the future. I enjoy my time playing san andreas multiplayer, with what some would call an unhealthy obsession with the game. I have played since 2009, and still playing going into 2022 with very few breaks or other games interrupting. I am currently working on a Minecraft server, but it's on the backburner due to work and studying. Well, I'd like to get to know a bit more about you lot here. So what are you waiting for?!
  2. I started playing in late 2009 (October) roughly. I began my gaming in a deathmatch server for 3 months before it was closed down. In January I came across a Cops and Robbers server hosted in Australia, (noticing I had a ping of 15ms) I connected almost immediately and was there from Mid January 2010 all the way up until late 2016/2017 when the server took a turn and lost its player base. My favourite gamemode would have to be cops and robbers.