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  1. Thank you, it will be resized again by @Jenis It will take effect once i get some free time on PC
  2. @avvekais in charge of it, he will set you once he sees this
  3. Known bug, it will be fixed within a day, when I'm back home. Thanks for reporting!
  4. Hey, it's been a long time then! Welcome to the project If you're interested to become a beta tester you can send an application to Avveka on PM
  5. Osher

    World of Warcraft

    Did you play pvp also?
  6. I've started playing samp on end of 2011 nearly 2012, started playing on C5's TOTAL WAR server then moved to play C5 LsCnR Which server is your first & when did you start playing samp?
  7. The current forums are on BETA stage therefore if you notice for any theme visual bug or a color which doesn't fit the style please report on it here on this thread. In addition to that, here you can also report on any other bug you found on our forums. Please report it using the following format: bug description: answer section: write here the forum section the bug occurred (forum section / profile / any other place on forum) screenshot: can also include a screenshot here Thanks for reading and enjoy browsing the new forums!
  8. Feeling Awesome!

  9. Of course we want to see something newer with much more functionality that we had in SAMP but similar to SAMP, stick to the old school nostalgic game will definitely do the work!
  10. Osher

    World of Warcraft

    If you play or ever played WoW then what's your favorite expansion? and which side you always chose? Mine is Wotlk, I still play on private server under this expansion and FOR THE HORDE!