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  1. Heya San Andreas Definitive players!SADE-MP Devlog #1 Here's my first Devlog as the new Lead Developer hope to give more news more frequently - even if it is just a little. Looking forward to work with you all! We are looking for developers Apply for a developer position - we can use: - Reverse engineers (ofc, to reverse SADE) - PHP/Laravel backend developers - Frontend developers with knowledge of any frontend framework (React, VueJS, Svelte, etc.)* Because of the fresh start we've cleared the list, so if you applied and haven't heard anything and want to apply again you can do that. It's a fresh start for us! I will let you know what happens after you apply personally. Apply here: Any questions? If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! You can also ping me @Roboroads in #general-chat in Discord so everyone can read the answer, or DM me if your question is private. * We are specifically doing Svelte, but it's learned in 1 hour if you know any component based FE framework.