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  1. For some reason I can't see anyone's names while browsing from a smartphone. Android 11 - Firefox
  2. I expect this from some other client, since it is aiming for cross-platform compability (and apparently samp compability) with minor improvements, but sade-mp is purely based on new stuff, written from scratch and utilizes UE4, so my expectations definitely include something that isn't in samp. Player model variation alone is a major step-up.
  3. It was either 2006 or 2007, don't really remember, but little me was so blown away by the fact that you could play GTA San Andreas with other people across the world, with so much more to do than in singleplayer. Instant addiction for the rest of the childhood. If I remember correctly, the very first server I played on was local server called (closed) and after that (pretty much closed). SAMP is the reason why I learned video editing (and scripting), loved making videos. Now it's a pretty useful skill. After some time, I created RP server that became the most popular one in my country, eventually leading to also most popular minecraft and teamspeak 3 server, but that's history