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  1. Hello SADE-MP Community! We hope you had a great Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! We are at the point of deciding which programming language the SADE-MP server client should support. Of course you will be involved in this process! You can now choose your preferred language here: https://forms.gle/4v7ki323EibGetSR7 Please remember, answers will only be counted once per person, but you are welcome to add multiple languages to the vote. The voting will end on January 24th and then the language will be finalized. Thank you for your support! Greetings, SADE-MP Team
  2. i would like to see a lot of roleplay server and gangwars 🥰
  3. avveka

    World of Warcraft

    Yeah, but not that much in WotLK. Much more in later expansions 🤗
  4. avveka

    World of Warcraft

    Wotlk is the best expansion back then, i played on a private server for a long time too. Obviously Alliance is the best 😆 Here you can see me picking up the first saronite for shadowmourne 😇
  5. Variation already exists within the game (different cloths, tattoos, accesoirs, .... ) 🥰 Example: but maybe more will be possible 🧐
  6. Hello all, we are currently looking for more support in the development area. We are looking for longtime experience with programming languages (especially C++, C#) and Reverse Engineering. Under the following link you can apply for the SADE-MP Development Team: https://forms.gle/DdGUCa6AzsAJ4wdU8 Thank you in advance for applying. Good luck!
  7. avveka

    Forum Launch

    Hello together! We have decided to create a new well configurable forum. Therefore it comes now to the 2nd release of the forum. This will also be the final forum. Through this forum we are able to offer you a better and more user friendly experience as well. We look forward to communicating with you through this forum about current news, topics and everything else! BR, SADE-MP Team