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  1. Uhm, sounds good. The client will be running servers for sure, and each server will be a different script. So, the game modes that you suggested doesn't depend on our client and developers, but on server owners and scripters. We will make sure to make everything as organized as possible, so you can find those servers easily and save them to favorites. If you have any suggestions client related, feel free to comment we'll gladly give it a look.
  2. Uhm that's up to developers mate, you'll have to request that. Then developers will see if they'll include that feature or not. But I support your idea 😉
  3. Jenis

    Marvel Movies

    Yeah but in 2000s technology was not advanced like it is today and movies kinda looked good. Today everything is CGI and fake, everything feels unatural. I actually love early 2000s movies, that is the best movie era in my opinion mate.
  4. Jenis

    Marvel Movies

    I hope they stop making Spiderman and superhero movies lol, they're getting out of hand and way too CGI .. The American humor isn't funny anymore, it's way too Western for my taste. They try to combine action, story, comedy, scifi, all in one movie.. It doesn't work well, Hollywood is broken
  5. My name's Dženis Hadžić and I'm a self-called designer. Even tho I'm just 23, I've been designing things for quite a long actually. It all started in my elementary school days when I did a couple of proposals for the school playground, it immediately caught the attention of the citizens and the whole school. Then I decided to do some more city concepts and the love towards designing things was born. I worked for one newspaper magazine, a music DJ, a couple of city shops, and lots of individuals who needed some designs from time to time. My first interaction with the internet was in 2013 when I opened my football youtube channel, at that time I loved recording myself playing football, doing freekicks, and stuff like that. I had around 5,000 subscribers which was a huge number at that time, and subscribers were loyal viewers too. I stopped that channel later due to lifestyle changes and opened a Facebook page showcasing my designs. The page name was " Artecko " The page got extremely popular thanks to one YouTuber called Mudja who advertised me and the whole Balkan knew for me at that time. I was designing things from photo manipulations, Facebook covers, youtube banners, posters, concepts, to music covers, logo designs, automotive designs, aviation designs, and more. Somehow, Facebook ruined everything with horrible updates that ruined all pages the posts were not getting enough likes any more thanks to the Facebook development team. Also, Facebook changed UI design which ruined the layout of posts, made pages complicated and whole Facebook got messed up and it still is messed up. Today Facebook is really heavy and extremely cluttered and complicated. So, now I work for individuals and advertise myself through my private social media and show my works using some platforms here and there. I have some bigger plans to open my website this year after I finish a couple of projects. I might switch to car designs and concepts, designing car parts, like seat designs and similar stuff. I see myself in this area in the future, with a little luck maybe it will help me to breakthrough. Thank you for reading.
  6. The background music is used for clients or game menus where players will spend some time exploring the client options or going through gallery, setting up graphics and stuff like that. It would be pretty dull and boring if there wasn't any melody or sound effects, the client would be really depressive. I think if we're about to create another client concept, I'd stick to one soft melody in background, of course with an option to turn it off for all times. But I appreciate your opinion, feedback is really important to us so we can build the client that meets everyone's needs and in same time is innovative according to this decade.
  7. I would like to see trucking servers, with truck missions as well as other driving jobs 🙂
  8. Oh nice, what's your name there? ☺️ I have no idea tbh, Robin is doing it really good. He'll be scripting autopilot, as well as atitude indicator as far as I know. There's a lot yet to come 😄 True that there's no players sadly, I mean they're kinda active but player base is funny. I guess SAMP is dying slowly, who knows maybe SADE-MP will take over the GTA San Andreas in the future.
  9. Well seeing that you prefer SAMP flying servers.. Have you checked who I work for too? Fantastic flying server with 2D instrument and more options. I mapped 2-3 airports, and made a logo for them. Feel free to check
  10. I was wondering if there are any Flight simmers here? I'm a flight simmer since 2016. I started on FS2004 and recently upgraded to FSX. Would like to know if there's anyone with flying knowledge here so we can chat about it and perhaps do flights together. P.s I fly Cessna 172 only. [url=][img][/img][/url]
  11. Let's begin this trend of your favorite song. Just post the video link of your favorite song or song that you like to listen. I'll start with mine song. I remember playing PES2009, editing players, teams, while this song was playing. It was my favorite song back then, so much nostalgia when I hear this.
  12. It was 2015. I started on COD MW3 server and soon became one of the most popular players there and wider nick named spitfire. Also known for my good mapping history. I was mapping very good from the very beginning, and people loved my style. I must mention Seif_Tounes who helped me to create zero gravitiy Space Shuttle map. It was a great feeling that tens of thousands of players have been used to my bases in samp server COD MW3 and they were part of COD MW3's succesful history. Then I spent some time on xMovie creating maps like RMS Titanic full scale replica, yachts, spiders, racing tracks. The maps were top notch level. COD MW3 (Complete server mapper + Innovative maps) 2015,2016,2017,2018 xMovie (Brutal innovative maps like Titanic replica) 2019,2021 (Airport mapper - still in use 2021 SADE-MP Designer 2022