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  1. The forum design is a bit too dark, plus the logo is big, someone should resize it so people can read and see the whole page. What about more forum designs as well? And the clan section needs to have a forum. Best wishes NoxxeR
  2. Everyone wanna buy the game in store, so lots of people will play, clans needs to exist so we can play and have fun 😉
  3. As some of you might know, both Sade-mp and will release a multiplayer for GTA SA Definitive edition soon. The new version of GTA San andreas, how will they stack up against eachother? It will be fun to use both multiplayers when they release a client. This is like AMD and Intel, both multiplayer gaming have competition, but which one will be the best out there? This is a very good game, and I will be writing about this on my website later: When a release is done, we will have lots of fun everyone, we need new clans back ingame so everyone can challenge each others :)
  4. The forums are now up and running: This gang is both for sa-mp and Defintive Edition, but maybe other games later as well. /NoxxeR
  5. Sounds good, we need more clans for GTA SA DE, and for SA-MP, people care for the game. 😃
  6. I'm about to start this new clan, it's for GTA Sa Definitive edition, and for sa-mp. Website: Clan members: [oK]NoxxeR - Clan Leader Information: If you're not already in a clan then PM me and I'll add you to the list., and I will add you in the clan, I'm looking for skilled players as well. A forum is about to be created. The website will be updated as we speak 😃
  7. I wanna play this game the rest of my life, it loads very fast and looks good. Unreal Engine is awesome, game loads fast. 😃 what more can i say?
  8. We need a clan section for the gangs/clans of Sade-mp.
  9. Here is me NoxxeR playing GTA SA Defintive edition 😃 My opinions: The game is very fast and based on unreal engine, same as (fortnite) engine. Would love to see the multiplayers out there for GTA SA Defintive edition, this game is awesome:
  10. Something like partyserver. 🙂 Other good servers, littlewhiteys is good as well.
  11. You need to create a clan forum as well i think, as people want to advertise their clans they have ingame, lots of people will buy the game and play it online, we need clans. 😃
  12. As you guys might know, both clients and modifications are new out there for GTA SA Definitive edition, which one will be the best do you think? And which one will you use mostly if you use any of them? =D
  13. The forum logo is too big I think, it should be smaller. It fills the whole screen, else the forum theme is very good 😃