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  1. Of course I did! Wondering if that server runs as a plugin, if I got it right? Sadly, there aren't many flying servers, maybe just two of them with no players.
  2. Used to play FSX but as a newbie who also lack flying knowledge I find out that playing SA:MP flying servers are less time consuming and it can also be enjoyable. BTW, that Cessna interior looks really amazing, I wonder what mods are you using?
  3. I hear that Open:MP will be cross-compatible between Android, GTA San Andreas and Definitive edition, which brings a lot of unfair things including bot players from mobile phone or crappy PC would ruin gameplay for the ones playing definitive edition version.
  4. Clickable GUI, without need for textdraws. Simpler way for gangzones, not just square ones. Definitely increased maximum vehicle limit. And of course, finally synced traffic lights.
  5. Gamemode inspired by Farming Simulator. Not just harvest/plowing but also whole ranch things. There was many trucking servers, based on ets2/ats simulators, and also flying servers like flight simulator, but there was none farming simulator lookalike server ever, AFAIK.