Open Multiplayer vs Sade-MP


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On 1/13/2022 at 8:24 PM, BurnOUT said:

Honestly, due to the little graphical difference between the two games, I bet on DE because it was created in the Unreal Engine, making it easier to modify.

Mods should really only be for Singleplayer games and not online ones just look at what happened to MTA I don't even play it because of the downloading part.
SAMP's texture downloading later in 0.3 DL got introduced as well and it ruined it for me.

The solution?
Why not include both at the same time.
A client that has both features both with and without downloading and the users have more choice that way
(Perhaps that's why samp ended up to be simple and more succesful with not too many resources and you know what? I hardly even play FiveM for the same reason I mean mods became a little bit overrated in recent years whether it's denied or not)

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