What are your expectations for SADE-MP?


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Hello there people! This is my first ever post here on the forum!

I want to discuss about what are your expectations for SADE-MP? Do you expect it to be exactly like samp with the same features, or add new stuff like car models, player models and more...

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Do you expect it to be exactly like samp with the same features

I expect this from some other client, since it is aiming for cross-platform compability (and apparently samp compability) with minor improvements, but sade-mp is purely based on new stuff, written from scratch and utilizes UE4, so my expectations definitely include something that isn't in samp. Player model variation alone is a major step-up.

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Hi from Portugal, Azores Islands!

- Sincerly hope to see less dialogboxes / Textdraws 

- New menu types

- New programming features

- New visual objects/skins/customization (Vehicles included)

- Less modification limits for gamemode types (Ex: RP/RPG)

- A new client more friendly

- Optimized Sync



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16 hours ago, Tommy_Diaz said:

Clickable GUI, without need for textdraws.
Simpler way for gangzones, not just square ones.
Definitely increased maximum vehicle limit.
And of course, finally synced traffic lights.

Omg, Sync traffic is so good! How about npc pedestrian  ?!

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Espero mais modifica√ß√Ķes n√≥s personagens selecion√°veis do pr√≥prio samp por√©m em um n√≠vel de personaliza√ß√£o do CJ( cabelo, roupa, tatuagem, acess√≥rios).

Espero ver também no SADE-MP uma versão para a plataforma mobile que hoje representa cerca de 70% da comunidade de samp ainda existente "caso o game de Android seja tão semelhante quanto a versão de PC" mas como sei que vocês tem vasta experiência quem sabe consigam juntar isso assim como o antigo SAMP.

Espero ver no SADE-MP se poss√≠vel novas anima√ß√Ķes para se integrar no servidor a escolha dos propriet√°rios.¬†

Adicionar também mais peças e formas de modificação para veículos (tudo que já existe no game porém com mais modelos para escolher, rodas, aerofólios, pinturas especiais diferentes entre outras novidades).  

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